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Its all about the services !


If you can conquer the services you will make Millions !. We offer many services from  consultancy to completing your subdivision.

Because we do subdivisions ourselves, we know exactly what has to be done in order to assist you with taking the next step and finalising your subdivision project.

We deal mainly in small lots up to 6 lots


You can give us a call to discuss a site. Its free to talk. Ph 0424 739 923

Subdivision Services

  •  Town Planning
  •  Stormwater quotes 
  • Electrical supply quotes
  •  Water supply quotes
  • Hydraulic  consulting
  • Bulk Earthworks consulting
  • Telephone and Electrical agreements
  • Bushfire reports
  • Fauna Spotters


-  Can I make money out of this subdivision ?

-  What services do I need ?

-  Where do the services go ?

-  Where are the existing services on this block ?

-  Can it actually be subdived ?

- Where can I find out where the services are ?

-  What is the zoning ?

- What are the minimum lot sizes for subdivision ?

- Is the land going downhill away from the street or is it falling toward the street?

- Do I need to supply electricity and phone to the new block ?

- Do I need a subdivision plan when I lodge my town planning application ?

- Do I need a town planner ?

- What mistakes can you make as a town planner ?

- Do I need a fall accross the footpath ?

- Are town planners experts at services and engineering ? 

- Are town planners going to tell you where to place the services ?

- Are town planners going to tell you if you need As Constructed Plans ?

- Are town planners going to tell you if you need Operational Works ?



Subdivision brisbane

Town Planning

Free Subdivision plan !. This could save you thousands. We  can prepare your town planning applications quickly.

We understand all that is required because we are developers ourselves and have seen all the permutations,

Stormwater quotes

 This can be for simple 450 pits and steel chanel to the kerb, or as complicated such as stormwater pipes required  through neighbours yard to the next street. Also you could need stormwater pipes under an easement driveway. 

Sewerage quotes

We can arrange supply of sewerage whether it be by QUU or Logan Water or private installation.

Water Supply quotes

We can arrange for installation of water meters as well as fire hydrants and water supply up easement driveways.

Electrical quotes

Sometimes you will need to rearrange power lines so that they don't cross the neighbours fence. Sometimes you will need easement services, power lines and more.

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Subdivision Services

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New products are coming soon!