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We provide many subdivision services for Brisbane Ipswich and Logan

We offer many services .Starting with Town Planning Brisbane to your Subdivision Brisbane, Ipswich or Logan.

Because we do subdivisions ourselves, we know exactly what has to be done in order to assist you with taking the next step and finalising your subdivision project.

We deal mainly in small lots up to 6 lots

Free initial assessment and Free Subdivision Plan

Give us a call to discuss any subdivision Brisbane Ipswich Logan .

Subdivision Services

  •  Town Planning - $1800 standard subdivision 
  • Free plan of subdivision prepared by us 
  • Sewerage quotes
  • Stormwater quotes 
  • Electrical supply quotes
  •  Water supply quotes
  • Hydraulic  consulting quotes
  • Bulk Earthworks quotes
  • Telephone and Electrical agreements
  • Bushfire reports
  • Fauna Spotters quotes and reports

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-  Can I make money out of my subdivision ?

-  What services for subdivision Brisbane Logan Ipswich do I need ?

-  Where do the services go on the block ?

-  Where are the existing services on this block ?

-  Can it actually be subdivided ?

- Where can I find out where the services are ?

-  What is the zoning ?

- What are the minimum lot sizes for subdivision Brisbane Logan Ipswich?

- Is the land going downhill away from the street or is it falling toward the street?

- Do I need to supply electricity and phone to the new block ?

- Do I need a subdivision plan when I lodge my town planning application ?

- Do I need a town planner ?

- What mistakes can you make as a town planner ?

- Do I need a fall across the footpath ?

- Are all town planners experts at services and engineering ? 

- Are town planners going to tell you where to place the services ?

- Are town planners going to tell you if you need As Constructed Plans ?

- Are town planners going to tell you if you need Operational Works ?

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projects completed

1 into 2 lots Seven Hills Subdivision Brisbane


This project was 2 *$1.8m houses facing city views. Normally we would have provided stormwater legal point of discharge down to the neighbours street. This was not possible , so a solution was found by Subdivision Serves to build up enough land to direct stormwater to the streetfront. Success ! 

All services to subdivide were installled by Subdivision Srrvices.

1 into 3 lots Brighton Subdivision Brisbane


This site required a 225mm stormwater pipe through two neighbour's yards to the next street for lawful point of discharge. It also required build up of land for stormwater to the front street for two lots. In addition it was required that a fire hydrant be installed du to the fact the distance was too far for serving from the existing fire hydrant. All services were installed by Subdivision Services.

1 into two lots subdivision plus duplex in back yard in One Mile Ipswich


Town Planning approval was obtained for the subdivision and the duplex at the same time. This subdivision was on Character Mixed Density which allows for 5 lots on 1000sqm. Turning circles of B99 car were critical. All services required to subdivide were installed by Subdivision Services


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