The book - Make millions from small lot subdivisions

The only book of its type

You cannot get this information anywhere else in Australia. The book is like a text book for a University course.

Believe it or not there is no actual University Course for Subdivisions in Australia, this is the next best thing.!

Everything is covered

Everything is in the book to enable you to get to know what you have to do to get your project from start to finish.

University standard

This 400 page book is stacked full of detailed information. Everything is specific showing you how to 

Whats in the book

Introduction to Subdivisions

- Types of subdivisions

- How much will you make

- The postage stamp (feasibility study)

- Learn how to make 25% profit on costs.

The fifteen secret searches

- Learn how to find profitable sites instantly on the internet. Learn how to cull the bad sites and end up with the profitable sites only.

- There are 15 secret searches that even Real Estate Agents dont use.

-  These can all be used at home, to find sites instantly. These will save you up to $3000 per year by replacing Price Finder and RP Data 


- How to prepare your own town planning application.

-  How to interpret the town planning approval.

- How to deal with council before and after you buy the site.

Operational Works

- Retaining walls

- Sewerage

- Stormwater

- Water supply

- Telephone

- Power


- Learn how to get finance for your subdivision projects .

-  Learn which banks lend to end  values and which banks dont

- Learn which major banks don't need presales 


How to use valuations to your advantage in finance.

Contract Bargaining

Learn how to save tens of thousands in the buying price.

How to pay no tax

Learn about the many ways to pay little or no tax in doing property and subdivisions.

Steps to building a project home

We take you from start to finish in building a project home


This book is worth up to $ 6,000

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