Stormwater quotes

 - Pits and steel chanel to the kerb

-  Stormwater lines required  through neighbours yard to the next street.

- Stormwater pipes under easement driveway.

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Sewerage quotes

- Standard jobs by QUU

-  Non standard jobs done by the Council or private contractor.

- Easement jobs

 We tell you who needs to do this and can arrange for these services to be done.

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Water supply quotes

- Water supply

- Fire hydrant

- Easement preparations


Electrical quotes

- Above ground power modifications

-  Below ground installatiuons and modifications

- Supplier agreements

- Easement preinstall

- Telephone agreements


Maybe you need to do an easement driveway and want one or two electrical services.

Telephone and Electrical agreements

Some jobs just need an agreement bewteen you and NBN or Telstra. 

And also Electrical agreement. Sometimes this goes wrong and you need full electrical changes or supply.


We provide free telephone consulting

and first meeting free, We can charge for time on an hourly rate if what you want does not fit into other services

Retaining Wall quotes

We can quote for :

-  Concrete sleepers

-  Timber


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