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We are property developers and subdividers ourselves.

We do our own town planning . We have seen every permutation that can go right or wrong in the 35 subdivisions that we have done. So we know what it's like to be in the ground. 

We only do subdivision applications !

Town planning for Subdivisions is all we do. Town Planning Brisbane Ipswich Logan. We specialise only in Small Lot Subdivisions.

Some "Professional" Town Planners might only do one subdivision application a year. So how would they get experience about services in the ground ?

We have written the book on it !

I refer to the book  - " Make Millions from Small Lot Subdivisions ", which is available for sale on this website. It takes you through evrything in subdivisions. It also teaches you about how to be a town planner. At least you can talk to town planners even if you dont want to be one yourself.

Take me to the book

Use another town planner ? Do they know about all the services when you talk to them ?


Most other town planners know LITTLE  about services in the ground. In town planning you need to know about subdivision services. If they can't talk about any services with you, they will simply refer you to a consulting engineer, costing you more money at the initial stage.

Information requests - how good is your town planner ?

A good town planner will have less information requests from the Council after you lodge the town planning application with the council . I have seen some  town planning applications from other town planners that are  70 pages long and the council still has many information  requests which query the proposed services , which will waste your time and money. However we analyse the services required long before the DA application is lodged.


We offer free preparation of a Town Planning Subdivision Proposal Plan for your block, in degrees, minutes, seconds and , and millimetres. This is drawn up in CAD format and DWG, so all the consultants can talk to each other in this format. This is usefule to arrange quotes quickly for services.



At the start you should ask some questions in town planning . Will the planner do a free Plan of Subdivison ?

-  Where will the driveways go ?

-  Where will the water meters go ?

-  Is there legal polint of discharge for stormwater ?

-  Will I have to use stormwater pits and RHS to the kerb ? Is there space in the kerb ?

- Can I get extra stubs and/or new lines for sewerage ?

-  Do I have to provide for new power lines ? Is the power lines crossing the neighbours fence ?

- Do I have to upgrade the green power box ?  

- What if the land is falling back from the street ?

- Have all the codes been addressed ?

- Have all the overlays been addressed ?

- Is there overland flow ?

- Is the new sewerage standard or non-standard ?

- Is it a bushfire zone site ?

- Will I need a Main Roads consent ?

- Do I need retaining walls on or near the neighbour's boundary ?

- Do I need an Identification Survey before lodging ?

- Do I need erosion control ?

- Do I need electrical and telecommunications agreements ?

- When do I need to peg the block out ?

- Is the town planner talking to the -


- Hydraulic consultant 

- Electrical consultant

- Surveyor/levels 

- Telephone consultant

- Bushfire Consultant

- Concrete contractor

- Stormwater contractor

- Sewerage contractor

- Queensland Urban Utilities or Logan Water

- Power pole suppler

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